Welcome to Chef Share

Our Mission

Chef Share's mission is to provide a health board approved location for food entrepreneurs to start or grow their local business. Let us help you prove your concept before having to worry about leasing the perfect location and the large upfront costs obtaining the right equipment.

Space and Equipment

At Chef Share, you'll have access to over 500 square feet of clean cooking & prep space along with another 500 square feet available for dry storage, your own refrigerator and/or freezer, and a security cage for your equipment.

Our onsite equipment consists of:

  • Twenty-gallon mixer
  • Two double commercial grade electric ovens with 10 full size sheet pans
  • Six burner gas commercial range with convection oven under an Ansul Hood
  • Three bowl cleaning station and Mop sink
  • Stainless steel tables and holding food pantries
  • Two food prep and hand sinks
  • Free Wifi & Keyless entry via touch code system

How it Works

Rent the space on an as-needed basis by the hour block or as an exclusive tenant using our convenient scheduling application. Rental rates vary depending on use, space needed, and needed equipment.

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